Daria Village is located at one of the most interesting and scenic points in the State of Israel.
Nestled between the Galilee and the Golan Heights, and with an abundance of tourist attractions all around the Sea of Galilee.
We have assembled a large number of suggestions for short trips incorporating extreme sport, nature attractions and children's activities.
We will be happy to provide further information via telephone or at the reception desk.

Nature Reserves nearby

The Israel Nature and Parks Authority has succeeded in preserving and enabling access to the prettiest and most interesting spots in the area.
The Gamla Reserve tells the heroic story of the residents of ancient Gamla and offers a breathtaking lookout of, and rare nesting colony for birds of prey that fill the sky in wondrous flight.   
The Majrase Reserve provides a fun-filled water experience for the whole family with a marked, comfortable and shaded trail.
The wide-open spaces of the Yehudiya Reserve include, among others, the easy-going Yehudiya Trail and the Zavitan Trail. More daring hikers, undaunted by effort, will be amply rewarded by the Meshushim Pool with its stunning waterfall, surprising natural pool and natural treasures.  

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Yardenit and Capernaum

Antiquities, churches and baptismal sites are an attraction for tens of thousands of visitors every year, coming to see the exact site at which Jesus founded Christianity. 
An inspirational cultural experience

Hamat Gader

In addition to the natural mineral water and one of the world's most special and beautiful spas, Hamat Gader offers an abundance of fascinating nearby trails. With more than 200 crocodiles of different species from around the world, Hamat Gader's crocodile farm is considered the largest in the Middle East. 
The farm enables close-up observation and study of the crocodiles' life-style, feeding and care from a lookout on a wooden bridge in the heart of the Reserve.
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Springs on the Golan Heights

The Golan Heights abounds with hidden springs, some well-known while others are hidden treasures.
Among them you can find Ein Almin and its stunning large 'Officers Pool'; Ein Divsha that served as part of an ancient agricultural water system; Ein Tina with a strong water current down a steep slope, and others. 

What else?
A 'Round the Sea' trail, a visit to the grave of the Poetess Rachel (Kinneret Cemetery), the water aqueduct in the Jordan Park, museums, the colony's first homes, jeep tours, horse riding and more.  


Colored green and yellow and with lots of air and splash from the sweet water of the Sea of Galilee, Aquakef presents a family experience the kids will never forget.
Israel's first floating water park has trampolines, floating bridges, a climbing wall, swings – all floating on the water.
Ganim Beach, Sea of Galilee
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Luna Gal

The water park offers numerous activities including extreme water sports, daring slides, tubes, an Olympic-sized swimming pool, a beach and a special area for infants.
Golan Beach, Sea of Galilee
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Horse Riding on the Golan Heights

The Golan Heights is Israel's wild west: wide green expanses, rare wild animals and especially – the quiet.
Professional horse ranches are scattered throughout the Golan including Havat HaBokrim, The Ramot Ranch, The Gil Golan Riding Center and others.
The horse riding tours are varied and personally adapted for each rider or group, are ideal for families, couples and groups.

ATV Tours on the Golan Heights

A crisscross pattern of trails through the heart of the Golan's open spaces await all those in need of a little more adrenalin.
From easy well-trodden paths to seemingly impassable challenges, the trails cut through the breadth and length of the Golan Heights via interesting landmarks, flowing springs and an abundance of green nature and stunning views.     
Other Possibilities:
Rafting, water sports, Segway, independent fruit picking, farm visits, petting zoos and more.

Restaurants with a Taste of the Wild West

As meat experts, the people of the Golan provide authentic and delicious hospitality.
Ha-Bikta, Ha-Bokrim, Ha-Gilabun, Moshbutz, Gillis and many other superb restaurants mainly offer delicious meat that has been prepared by the best hands in the business.
For those looking for fish, the veteran fish restaurant at Ein Gev serves the best the sea has to offer.

Following the Meat – Chocolate

Two of Israel's best chocolate institutions were established here, next to the Sea of Galilee.
One at Degania and the other at Ein Zivan.
Galita at Degania and De Karina at Ein Zivan are chocolate farms that offer, aside from chocolate of course, workshops for preparing chocolate and other group activities.
You can find pralines, branded chocolate products and a rich and up-to-date female pioneering spirit. 

Hot Water. A Caressing Touch. Serenity.

The Sea of Galilee region possesses an abundance of spa options, equal to the best the world has to offer.
The Tiberias Hot Springs, for example, offer natural flowing thermo-mineral springs that provide health, comfort and relaxation.
Here you can find pools, a spa club and special treatments, all in a quiet and pampering atmosphere. 
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