The Sea of Galilee Village Beach - Haon Beach

Israel's national lake, the Sea of Galilee (in Hebrew – Kinneret), has always served as a source of inspiration and attraction for people of all religions and cultures.
This is the site of a flourishing Jewish settlement during the Second Temple period, where Jesus founded Christianity, where the early Zionists chose to make their home.
Its sweet waters, stunning views and the proximity to the towering Mt. Hermon inspired, and still inspire, artists and others seeking to rest from the hectic pace of daily life.
The highlight of the Sea of Galilee Village is the wide shoreline expanse of the Sea of Galilee, located in close proximity to the guest rooms and dining area.
Here you can rest and swim in the cool water while enjoying the views of the Galilee and Golan.
The beach provides lifeguard services, beach chairs, shaded areas and 24-hour cleaning services.